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Miguel Santos announced a brand new agreement - Original Bank - Brazil
Miguel Santos (CEO) announced that through a brand new agreement with the Original Bank, Technisys will implement its main products, Cyberbank omnichannel and Cyberbank Core.
LATIN TRADE - Interviewed Miguel Santos (CEO)
"In the banking industry, customers increasingly want a fast, safe experience with their financial institution anytime, anywhere," says Miguel Santos.
CyberBank Core

CyberBank Core® enables financial institutions to lower costs while deepening the level of service provided to customers.

World Economic Forum

Technisys Success case was included in the Davos – World Economic Forum Report as one of the outstanding companies in the emerging markets.

Outsourcing Services

To satisfy specific business objectives, the best response may come from the Outsourcing mode of Technisys Professional Services.

Cyberbank Multichannel Suite

Cyberbank Multichannel Suite is the unique platform to seamlessly integrate, new and previous points of contact between banks and their customers.